Textual Paint: A Terminal-Based MS-Paint Clone for Command-Line Art Creation

What’s the point of paying for licenses, training, and schools to use Photoshop when there are a thousand times better free options that can be used directly in the terminal?

And yes, we are not pigeons, which is why today I recommend Textual Paint (no spoonerism inside), an image editor in TUI (Text User Interface) inspired by MS Paint and based on Textual. By combining the fun of creating images with the power of your terminal, this little tool can become a fun hobby for computer and art fans! Perfect for making your NFTs or your pixel arts.

Just like MS Paint, you can open and save images in a variety of formats, such as ANSI, TXT, SVG, HTML, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, WebP, ICO, ICNS, and CUR. Textual Paint supports 26 languages, allowing artists around the world to express their creativity. Woohoo!

To run Textual Paint, you will need Python 3.10 or higher. The software is compatible with various terminals under Linux, macOS, and Windows. It works best with GNOME Terminal on Linux and Windows Terminal on Windows.

Textual Paint is quite simple to use. To install it, simply do a quick install via pipx like this:

pip install --upgrade pipx
pipx install textual-paint

Then just type textual-paint to launch it. Options include things like choosing a light or dark theme, selecting language, and choosing a save folder.

textual-paint --theme dark --language fr --backup-folder ~/img

Another major asset of Textual Paint is its keyboard shortcuts, the list of which is detailed on GitHub, to facilitate navigation and editing.

Afterward, it’s classic like MS Paint with all the tools that are good for drawing, making shapes, writing, filling, etc. There is even the possibility of putting your work of art as wallpaper on your computer with just one click.

In short, it’s fun to use and it will allow you to be creative in your terminal 🙂

Download here.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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