The Best PC Controllers to Play Like a Pro

Although hardcore PC gamers are often staunch defenders of the keyboard/mouse, others find it difficult to do without a gamepad. It must be said that their ergonomics are designed to match the mechanics of video games, especially since some games, including platformers, racing games, and adventure games, are clearly intended for use with a controller. So, if you are a joystick lover, this article should please you! We have selected for you the seven best controllers for PCs that allow you to showcase the extent of your skills!

The 7 Best Controllers for PC:

Manette Microsoft Xbox Series

What better way to open this selection than with the famous Xbox Series controller? It has become recognizable among all with its famous “X” button in the center, and it has been the reference controller for PC gamers since the advent of the Xbox. After all, this is quite normal for Microsoft devices! Its biggest strength is obviously its ergonomics. The placement of the buttons, the directional pad, the triggers… everything is designed to make it easier to use and develop good gaming reflexes! It’s worth noting that the textured plastic on the handles, triggers, and joysticks also provides a better grip. This wireless Bluetooth controller can also be connected using a USB cable (supplied), greatly facilitating its installation on a PC.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller:

More upscale than its little sister, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller outclasses it in many aspects. One of the most notable differences is in the handles; its reinforced grip allows you to maintain an excellent grip, even when the games intensify! Another change is visible at the level of the directional pad. The latter aims to be more precise by offering not 4 but 8 possible directions to the players. The controller is designed for hardcore gamers and has a remarkable battery life of 40 hours! It incorporates a non-removable battery that can be recharged via a USB cable. In addition to purely technical considerations, we can appreciate the very successful design of this competition controller, entirely in shades of black. It is undoubtedly one of the best PC controllers!

Scuf Reflex Controller:

After looking at Microsoft, let’s move on to Scuf with the Scuf Reflex controller for PS5 and PC. If players appreciate the Scuf brand, it’s because, just like Xbox controllers, Scuf controllers are customizable at will in terms of their design! Compared to Sony’s DualSense, the Reflex incorporates a system of configurable paddles on the back of the controller. You can assign specific functions to these four paddles to increase the number of buttons available and your efficiency, especially in shooting games. You can configure three different key profiles. This is the real added value of this controller compared to what Sony offers. It also includes a “Home” button and can be connected by Bluetooth, wired to PCs and smartphones!

Razer Wolverine V2 Controller:

We no longer need to introduce the famous Razer brand, which has become a reference for gamers worldwide. With the Wolverine V2, the brand offers a controller surpassing the Xbox series controller. This is a wired controller (with a 3-meter cable) and not a wireless controller, which may bother some. However, this choice allows for avoiding the connection problems sometimes associated with Bluetooth, not to mention that

the cable is detachable at both ends in case someone gets entangled in it. The Wolverine V2 controller also stands out in terms of its buttons: the joysticks offer more resistance, and the triggers are more sensitive than those on an Xbox controller. Otherwise, Razer is not revolutionizing the design or ergonomics of gamepads. The brand delivers a very affordable product, considering its quality, which will appeal to any enthusiast.

8bitdo Pro 2 Controller:

The 8bitdo Pro 2 Black Edition is a controller that will appeal to fans of retro games. It takes its name from the 8-bit game consoles that were very popular in the mid-80s. As for its design, it is reminiscent of that of the Super Nintendo! However, the controller has found the right balance between nostalgia and modernity, incorporating modern gaming elements such as vibrations or analog sticks. It is compatible with PC, Android devices, and even the Nintendo Switch console! It has a USB-C port. Apart from this retro gaming side, the 8bitdo Pro 2 offers no special features and, therefore, remains very affordable.

Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller:

The Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller is certainly the most customizable in our selection. Its name literally means “to swap.” Indeed, it is made up of magnetic blocks at the level of the sticks and the directional pad, allowing you to invert these elements according to your preferences. All the finishes of this controller are designed to meet the needs of pro gamers, such as ergonomics, key responsiveness, grip on the handles and buttons, etc. The controller can also be precisely configured (sensitivity, vibrations, game profiles, etc.) through dedicated software. Some players regret that it is only available in a wired version, while others are put off by its cost, which unfortunately seems to be the price to pay for such a high-quality controller. However, given these technical characteristics, the Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller is one of the best PC controllers of the moment.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller:

To conclude this selection in style, we have chosen to present the Turtle Beach Recon to you. This high-end controller stands out by offering many features dedicated to audio. It integrates, among other things, the possibility of adjusting the sound parameters of the game from the controller, the mute function for online chat, and the ability to adjust the equalization, etc. Like the Scuf Reflex, it features paddles on the back to enhance gameplay and give you a strategic advantage over other players. Its finishes are optimized to the smallest detail, especially regarding the grip present wherever it is needed! In short, it is undoubtedly one of the best PC controllers you can buy with your eyes closed.

You now have a good overview of the best PC controllers currently available on the market. Through this selection, we have made sure to offer you various and varied models to meet the preferences of each player’s preferences and their budgetary constraints. Do you know of another controller for PC that allows you to play like a pro gamer? Tell us everything in the comments!

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