The GTA 6 Trailer is Out – Everything You Missed

Today we’re going to break everything down and tell you everything you missed in the GTA 6 trailer.

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First Scene Analysis

Here we see the very first scene of the trailer. You may not think we can take much from this, but we actually can take a few things:

We can see the prison over here. I’ll talk about the prison more in the next shot, but this is roughly what it’s going to look like. It actually looks pretty big, even bigger than the prison in GTA 5.

In the distance, we get our very first shot of the Vice City skyline. We’ll talk about this more when we get a clearer shot, but just from this you can already see it is a lot bigger than Los Santos was in GTA 5. There are at least twice as many buildings here.

Looking at the cars, it’s hard to make out a lot of details, but we can see one returning vehicle from GTA 5 – the Gauntlet Hellfire.

We can also see features returning from GTA 5, like this pickup truck towing a boat. So towing boats is coming back.

This truck here is carrying stuff on the back of it. It kind of looks like a Wastelander from GTA 5, but I believe this will be a new truck.

We can see a brand called Patriot Beer on the back of this truck here. In GTA 5 we had a brand called Pißwasser, and in GTA 6 it also looks like we’ll have Patriot Beer trucks going around.

First Look at Lucia

Next we get our first look at Lucia. I know what all you guys are thinking, but yes, she does look great!

For those unaware, we actually did get a leak earlier that the very first scene in GTA 6 would be a prison break scene. A lot of people thought that was unrealistic, but yes, Lucia is in prison. So who knows, maybe the prologue of the game will be breaking out of prison. That would be pretty cool!

On the board next to one of the bunk beds we can see a family photo. It’s kind of hard to make out if this is Lucia’s family or maybe even her friends. It has been rumored that Lucia has a kid – if that were true, I would have expected to see a photo here.

Lucia is in a conversation with a prison counselor named Stephanie. She asks Lucia, “Do you know why you’re here?” We then get a higher shot of Lucia again who says, “Bad luck I guess.” Not much we can really take from this scene other than the character models look really good.

First Clear Look at Vice City

Now we’re about to get our first clear look at Vice City itself. But before that, we see a yacht, so we know yachts will be coming back to the game. The water physics here look absolutely awesome – not just the physics themselves, but the water actually looks great. It’s mostly transparent, unlike in GTA 5 where you can barely see below the water at all. This game is going to look incredible!

And now we’ve got our first very clear look at the skyline of Vice City. Man, this city is huge! For a lot of people who have been saying it doesn’t look much bigger than GTA 5’s Los Santos, this is a photo of Los Santos’s central business district. Now you can see, Vice City is not even close. Vice City is absolutely massive and gorgeous.

Analysis of Vice City Skyline Screenshot

There are a few more things we can take from this screenshot:

  • Two returning vehicles – the Maverick helicopter from GTA 5, and a Dodo plane towing an advertising banner.
  • The banner says “919y69w“. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably not old enough, but if you imagine what a 9 and 19 would look like…yeah, Rockstar’s humor is definitely coming back.

The Everglades

We then get our first look at a part of the map called The Everglades. For those unaware, the Everglades in Florida is a massive swampy area, and that’s going to be in GTA 6 too.

We also get our first look at a fan boat, which will be used to drive around the Everglades. We knew this was coming from the September 2022 leaks, but it’s awesome to finally get an official look.

This next shot of the Everglades shows flamingos will be in the game. There are a lot here, so I wonder if there will really be this many in the final game. But we also get our first shot of alligators – so gators will definitely be lurking around the swampy Everglades areas.

Analysis of Beach Scene

Now we get a look at the Vice City beach. We can take a lot away from this one screenshot:

First, obviously the character models look better than GTA 5 and Red Dead 2. Next, this dude is absolutely jacked! But maybe more interesting is he’s running with a Chihuahua. So it looks like pedestrians can be out walking their pets.

We should also note that this beach looks a lot more packed than any beach in GTA 5. If GTA 6 is capable of handling this many pedestrians at once, that will be really impressive.

We can also see two new returning vehicles from GTA Online – the Buckingham Super Volito helicopter and the Sea Sparrow. The Sea Sparrow is pretty cool – it can actually land on water. Nice to see that coming back!

Then if we look in the water, jet skis will be returning. These are called Sea Sharks in the GTA universe. We can also see behind this pickup truck an empty trailer, meaning it likely just lowered the boat into the water. So hopefully we’ll be able to drive boats around and lower them into the water to drive separately – that would be awesome.

Analysis of Vice City Docks Area

Now we have our first look at the Vice City docks area. GTA 5 did have a Merryweather cargo ship, but this one’s actually moving. So I wonder if we’ll be able to hijack and drive cargo ships this time.

There’s not too much we can take from the next scene other than they will have palm trees in the middle of some roads. Hopefully this means more trees and foliage around city areas.

First Look at Potential Story Characters

We then get our first look at Lucia and Jason driving around in a convertible. This is interesting because we get some confirmed location names – Kelly County, Vice City International Airport, Stockyard, and Downtown. Not sure if Stockyard Downtown is one location or two separate ones.

In this shot, Lucia is actually being filmed by the car in front of them. Not sure if that guy is just being a freak, or if they’re actually filming something intentionally. But that building behind them looks awesome!

Analysis of Car Meet Scene

Here we can see a car meet going on. What we can take from this is vehicle customization looks like it’s going to be taking a massive step up. This car here is obviously a low rider, very low to the ground. But the car in front has been lifted – so if you love cars, it looks like you’ll be able to customize extensively.

First Look at Strip Club

This is our first official look at the Jack of Hearts nightclub/shoe store/strip club or whatever you want to call it. In GTA 5 we had the Vanilla Unicorn. This one looks a lot more wild! That’s all I’ll say!

Analysis of Nightclub Scene

This next shot shows a regular nightclub, not the strip club. Not too much we can take from it other than nightclubs will be in GTA 6. Awesome!

Here we get a night shot of part of the Vice City skyline. Two interesting things here:

1) We’ve got yachts again, lots of them actually. So you’ll probably be able to buy yachts.

2) Tennis will be returning – we can see a lighted tennis court here with players. So sports side activities look to be coming back.

Analysis of Vice City Strip Scene

Now we have our first look at the Vice City strip, and we can see a bunch of cars here, most of which are returning from GTA 5:

  • Blue one is a Pfister Comet S2
  • In front is a Grotti Cheetah Classic
  • In front of that is a Grotti Caracara
  • To the left is a variant of the Gauntlet Hellfire
  • A few cars up is a Canis D10

Of course the Lamborghini is looking nice! We can also see a drunk or homeless person – so they’ll likely be on the streets asking for money and such.

Analysis of Vice City Keys Scene

Here’s our first look at the Vice Keys, likely based on the Florida Keys. In terms of vehicles, we’ve got the Dodo again, more yachts, and a moving cargo ship. I wonder if we’ll be able to hijack and drive those now.

Most Screenshotted Frame Ever

This will 100% be the most screenshotted frame ever – it’s Lucia of course, one of the playable characters. Not much to take from it except Vice City is gorgeous.

We get our first shot of the Vice City sign, like the Vinewood sign in GTA 5. Pretty cool!

Rockstar’s Take on TikTok

Next we see Rockstar’s take on TikTok or Instagram Reels – a bunch of short form content:

  • Dad Bod Squad – rich yacht owner hosting a party
  • Official Poach – alligator in a pool
  • Someone called the Department of Transport on this dump truck
  • Someone twerking on a car

Yeah…nice, Rockstar!

Analysis of Underground Street Racing Scene

An awesome shot here of underground street racing at night. If you haven’t played GTA Online lately, this reminds me of the Tuners DLC update. If they can bring that level of customization and new races into GTA 6, underground racing will be awesome!

I love this little scene – can you imagine robbing a store in GTA 6 and an alligator bursts in? You’d have to try and take it out! That would be hilarious.

In this shot we can also see GoPostal confirmed as coming back. GoPostal was a delivery service in GTA 5.

Not much we can take from the police break-in scene, though it doesn’t confirm first person mode. This just looks like trailer footage.

More TikTok-Style Content

Some more short form content here from “Planet Leonida” – if you’re unaware, Leonida is basically Florida in the GTA Universe. So just as we had San Andreas as California, Leonida is Florida.

From the billboards in this one, we get some new confirmed locations:

  • The Vice Beaches
  • Port Vice City
  • The Keys
  • Vice City International Airport
  • Kelly County

Just Rockstar making fun of people again – guy in his underwear watering the lawn!

Analysis of Off-Roading Scene

This shot is awesome! We’ve got the Thrill Billy Mud Club and it looks like off-roading will be a much bigger feature. All the cars are lifted with big tires, ready for mudding and trails. And we can even see a monster truck doing a big jump in the distance!

We can also confirm sheriff police cars and some typical Rockstar social commentary on the billboard for “Angster Pen” curing emotions. Clearly a joke about anti-depressants and mental health.

Our first real look at Jason, the other playable character alongside Lucia. We can see they are in a relationship here.

More shots showing Lucia and Jason robbing stores, shooting places up, etc. Typical GTA criminal stuff!

And we finally get the official GTA 6 logo! The color scheme looks awesome in my opinion. Congrats Rockstar, you absolutely nailed it. I genuinely can’t wait to see more.

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