The “#” Symbol: Making a Hash Mark on Windows and Mac Keyboards

The “#” symbol, also called the pound or crosshair is often used in programming, in music, or more commonly on social networks in the form of a hashtag. If you’re wondering how to make a hash mark on a computer keyboard, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how you can do it on Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to make a hash mark on a classic azerty keyboard?

The easiest and quickest way to make a pound sign (#) on a Windows keyboard is to use the ALTGR+ key combination 3. By pressing these two keys simultaneously, you will get the pound symbol (#) on the screen.

Make a pound sign on a Windows keyboard

The other solution, just as simple, to insert the “#” symbol is to use the ASCII character code, in other words, the ALT code. This method is particularly convenient but requires a keyboard with a numeric keypad, which is not always the case on laptops.

To insert the “#” symbol using this method, hold down the key ALTand, using the number pad, and type 035. Once you release the key ALT, the pound symbol (#) will appear on the screen.

How to make a hash mark on a Mac keyboard?

On a Mac, the procedure is slightly different. To get a pound (#), press the Maj+ keys simultaneously #. This key combination will allow you to type the pound symbol (#) without any hassle.

Make a pound sign on a Mac keyboard

Alternatively, you can also use the character viewer. This is a less practical method than the previous one, but just as effective for inserting symbols and emojis into your texts.

To do this, click the “ Edit ” or “Edit” menu (if you have an app open), then select “ Emoji & Symbols ” from the menu or use the keyboard shortcut ControlCommandEspace.

This will open the character viewer. Then go to “ Punctuation ” and double-click the pound symbol (#) to insert it where your cursor is. That’s all!

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