The True Size Of: Comparing the Actual Sizes of Countries Around the World

The perception of countries’ sizes on a map has often misled many people. Indeed, due to inherent distortions in map projections, certain countries might appear larger or smaller than their actual sizes. “The True Size Of” is an online tool that enables you to realistically compare countries’ sizes around the world with just a few clicks. This article will explore how this tool functions and why it is essential for accurately comprehending global geography.

Why do maps distort countries’ sizes?

Imagine attempting to wrap a ball with a sheet of paper without creating any creases. Not as straightforward as it seems, right? That’s the same challenge cartographers have confronted for a long time. On a flat map, they must depict our Earth, resembling a large ball.

A method called the “Mercator projection” is often utilized to create such maps. Gerardus Mercator introduced this technique in 1569. While it is useful for certain purposes like aiding navigation, it possesses a significant drawback: it magnifies the apparent size of some places, such as Greenland.

So, when examining a map, remember that it doesn’t always accurately represent countries’ true sizes. But then, how can we obtain a more realistic depiction? This is where an intriguing tool known as “The True Size Of” comes into play. Let’s delve into how it operates.

Comparing countries’ sizes globally with “The True Size Of”

The True Size Of” is a free online tool that empowers users to select any country and drag it over other world regions for a true size comparison. This tool offers an authentic viewpoint of countries’ sizes by utilizing a more precise map projection.

  1. Country Selection: Commence by entering a country’s name in the search bar.
  2. Drag and Compare: Drag the chosen country over different parts of the world to observe how its size compares.
  3. Visualization: The tool automatically adjusts the country’s size based on its position on the map, resulting in a precise comparison.

Other tools for geographic comparison

While “The True Size Of” stands unique, other tools and resources facilitate the visualization and comprehension of global geography, including Google Earth and interactive globes.


“The True Size Of” proves to be an excellent resource for anyone eager to compare the genuine size of one country in the world against another. By delivering an accurate perspective, it educates, informs, and inspires those with a curiosity about worldwide geography.

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