This Means Warp: a blend of Overcooked and FTL

A spaceship, a crew, and an interstellar journey—welcome to “This Means Warp,” a co-op-oriented roguelite where your mission is simple: survive! It’s a delightful blend of the strategic elements from FTL and the cooperative chaos of Overcooked—two fantastic games that I highly recommend.

In This Means Warp, you’ll encounter familiar concepts from FTL: ship management, repairs, combat, crew recruitment, and equipment upgrades. However, the gameplay leans towards Overcooked, requiring up to four players to divide tasks efficiently, avoid collisions, and find quick solutions. The synergy between these elements creates an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Getting into the game is swift, with straightforward controls. While the interface may seem a bit unclear initially, it becomes smooth once you’re accustomed to it. You embark on a series of missions, with characters progressing and leveling up. The challenge escalates, and just when you feel over-equipped, you encounter the first boss, reminding you that survival demands another attempt.

True to the roguelite genre, progress unlocks new options—characters, ships, scenarios, and items. Randomly generated adventures keep the gameplay renewable, though the expansion of possibilities could be a bit faster.

The true spice of the game lies in its co-op mode. From 2 players onwards, the fun escalates, reaching its full potential with 3 or 4 players. A bit of organization is key, but it’s entirely possible to enjoy the experience without resorting to disagreements.

Online play is an option, offering a galactic epic with friends, though crossplay is not supported. The Switch version experiences minor slowdowns, but they don’t hinder gameplay. Despite this, the portable convenience of the Switch version makes it preferable, especially considering the 22 USD price tag. If playing on the same console, it’s worth it; for remote play, consider waiting for a promo or explore Steam’s Remote Play Together.

In summary, This Means Warp may not be groundbreaking, but it’s immensely enjoyable, easy to access, and offers plenty to discover. It’s a delightful recommendation for genre enthusiasts seeking a good time in space with friends—a solid 🚀🚀🚀 /5.

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