Thumbnail on YouTube: 11 Awesome Tools That Any YouTuber Should Know

It’s no secret that visuals play an important role in capturing the attention of followers on all platforms. When it comes to YouTube video content, the thumbnail is often the first impression viewers make before deciding whether to click and watch or not. With over 2 billion monthly active YouTube users, creating engaging content is essential. However, having an eye-catching thumbnail can make a big difference in attracting clicks and video views. In this article, we will discuss the best tools to highlight your YouTube thumbnail and attract more clicks and views to your videos.


ClickPilot is a tool that allows users to quickly preview and compare YouTube thumbnails to popular videos. It helps users discover thumbnails that get more views, preview thumbnails and titles on YouTube, and compare them to competitors and other videos. The tool also allows comparing your thumbnail with some YouTube celebrities to receive new ideas for making your photos more attractive. ClickPilot provides features such as light and dark modes to help users create distinctive thumbnails, thus helping creators and YouTubers optimize their YouTube thumbnails for better performance.


ViewStats is an excellent platform that provides analytics and data information for YouTube channels and videos. It allows users to search for any content creator and compare performance, similar to Socilblade. Regarding thumbnails on YouTube, ViewStats shows all the thumbnails that the content creator has changed for the same video with dates. This feature allows you to identify the new additions that made the last thumbnail images successful in attracting clicks and video views.


A beautiful tool for content creators on YouTube that helps them assess the attractiveness of their video thumbnails. It allows you to see your video thumbnail as if you were a visitor to the YouTube homepage, placed among a group of random thumbnails. This enables you to determine whether your thumbnail attracts attention or not, with the option to change the view on various devices such as mobile, tablet, and more—all for free.


A wonderful free tool designed to serve content creators on YouTube by testing the strength and attractiveness of thumbnails for clicks. Users can upload their YouTube thumbnails and choose the default mode based on the type of field they work in, whether it’s news or sports. The tool then provides a direct interface to the YouTube homepage, displaying your thumbnails among a different set of videos in the same field. You can freely choose the videos for comparison.


A site dedicated to YouTubers and content creators to test the quality of thumbnails on YouTube based on the opinions of real people. This allows you to gauge the impact and effectiveness of your thumbnails before uploading them to your YouTube channel.


An excellent tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to assess the power of YouTube thumbnails in drawing attention and getting clicks. It distinguishes itself by analyzing the psychological aspects of the thumbnail and its ability to increase the Clicks Through Rate (CTR), classifying thumbnails based on their impact on viewers at first glance, whether they are interesting, ambiguous, provocative, etc. It also considers facial expressions in the image and their alignment with the title.


One of the most famous tools used by content creators on YouTube to enhance their videos’ ranking and appearance in search results. Tebbudy is a powerful tool for tuning thumbnails on YouTube and choosing the best one that attracts attention and garners views and clicks. It features an AB test option, allowing you to compare different forms of your YouTube thumbnail to determine the most effective one. Tebbudy relies on the headmaps feature to recognize the viewer’s interaction with thumbnails and the part that caught their attention, leading to clicks.

It’s worth noting that this tool is available to Tubuddy subscribers in any of the paid plans, up to the Pro plan, which offers a 50% discount for new YouTuber community members.


The Canva site is well-known for enabling users to create various designs, posts, and thumbnails on YouTube. It contains a vast library of pre-prepared templates for creating thumbnails in various niches and fields. With millions of graphics and effects, Canva helps users create stunning thumbnails without the need for Photoshop.


A site that features freelancers and designers showcasing their portfolios with their most beautiful artworks. Here, you can find professional designers displaying attractive designs related to YouTube thumbnails. You can draw inspiration from these images and recreate them using the Canva website or any other design tool.


Similar to Behance, Dribbble displays various artworks and designs by freelancers. You can leverage these designs to create thumbnails on YouTube that match your preferences.


This tool allows you to download any YouTube thumbnail for free in HD quality.

Final Word

Creating an eye-catching thumbnail for your YouTube videos can dramatically increase views and clicks. By using tools like Canva, Tubuddy, ClickPilot, and others, you can make your YouTube thumbnail stand out among the sea of content on YouTube. With these tools and tips, you can elevate your YouTube channel and attract a larger audience to your videos.

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