Tiny11: The lightweight version of Windows 11 becomes even smaller thanks to an update

NTDEV, the developer of Tiny11, has released a new update for its miniature Windows 11 operating system, called Tiny11 2311. This update incorporates Microsoft’s latest update, 23H2, into the operating system and introduces a plethora of bug fixes. “With a new, easier-to-understand naming system and a number of major improvements, Tiny11 2311 is finally here,” writes the NTDEV project leader on the Internet Archive’s homepage.

In addition, the new update also reduces the install size of Tiny11 by 20%, making the storage space occupied by Tiny11 even smaller. Based on Windows 11 version 23H2, the new version is 20 percent smaller than the old Tiny11 23H2 image it replaces, while being even more functional.

NTDEV announces that the update comes with bug fixes designed to address issues reported in the previous version, including the broken Windows update feature. This means that users can update to the latest version of Tiny11 and apply the next set of cumulative updates, ensuring a more secure and stable experience.

NTDEV notes that you can even enable Copilot in this release, although you’ll need to install Microsoft Edge first (using winget). While Xbox components aren’t installed by default, if you install an Xbox game from the Store, they’ll be activated and work normally.

Finally, it doesn’t require having the TPM 2.0 chip in the PC, a requirement that prevents hundreds of millions of computers from being able to install Windows 11. However, since the launch of the OS, it has become increasingly easy to force-install Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs, and Tiny11 can now be installed on computers with even less available storage. Hopefully, this will speed up the adoption of Windows 11, which has been much slower than expected in recent years.

Download Tiny 11 23H2

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