Top 6 Free AI Tools to Convert Images into Videos

Videos have become the preferred medium for content creators to convey their message and tell their story. However, creating high-quality videos can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools.

This is where AI comes in, transforming images into stunning and visually appealing videos without the need for any prior knowledge or experience in video shooting.

In this article, we will discuss the best free AI tools available to help you convert photos to videos effortlessly.

The importance of converting a picture into a video

Converting an image to video using artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming increasingly important for several reasons. Here are five key points that explain why this process is crucial:

First, it enhances viewer engagement by creating dynamic content that grabs their attention. Second, it saves time and resources by reducing the amount of manual work, such as montages and effects, to create videos from scratch. Third, it provides a great opportunity to deliver a deep idea through the picture, bringing it to life. Fourth, you can create an integrated video instead of just using still images to tell a story or convey an idea.

Artificial intelligence sites to convert images to videos

There are many tools and websites that enable you to add life and dynamism within an image, but most of these tools fall into the category of paid sites. However, in this article, I will show you the best free tools that you can use to convert images into videos in a distinctive way using artificial intelligence.


LeiaPix is a free site that utilizes artificial intelligence to professionally convert images into videos. All you have to do is register on the site and upload your image. Then, on the right side, you’ll find a variety of tools for creating animations inside the picture, allowing you to make the image move horizontally or circularly, resulting in a beautiful video suitable for expressing the depth of the image and its idea.

Pika Art

Pika is a modern artificial intelligence site specialized in adding life to any image. You can get videos by providing a specific description of the video to be produced without the need for an image. In terms of converting images into videos, Pika does it exceptionally well. Join the site’s Discord and then join one of the servers specialized in converting images into videos with artificial intelligence for free.


Genmo is one of the professional sites to convert images into amazing videos, making static images come to life. It’s completely free; just register on the platform, choose to create a video, upload your image, and let the site do its job to the fullest.


Runwayml is an innovative site containing various artificial intelligence tools in multiple fields such as translation, images, and videos. Join for free, choose a tool that converts images to videos, upload your image, and the site will provide you with a masterpiece video that you can use to make an attractive video illustrating a specific idea or story.


Kaiber is one of the first artificial intelligence sites to convert images into videos, bringing life inside them incredibly. Kaiber depends on every wonderful movie scene, not just moving a specific element. The site offers a free trial plan for a week to experience its features and work on it professionally.

Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings is a distinguished site that animates and adds life to various drawings or characters on paper, converting images into videos. You can move the character within the image with certain movements such as jumping or running, adding an entertaining element in a smart and beautiful way.


Many sites work with the latest artificial intelligence technologies to convert images into videos and bring life inside them in a superstitious way. In this article, you learned about the best tools currently available with artificial intelligence to convert images into videos in a matter of seconds. You can use these videos for various purposes, such as on YouTube, social media, and more.

The most frequently asked questions about converting an image to video with artificial intelligence

Q: What are the best free AI tools to convert an image into a video? A: There are several wonderful sites such as Kaiber and Genmo, two of the most powerful sites to extract videos from images amazingly by adding live and interactive effects within the image. In the article above, you’ll find information about the best 6 tools to convert an image into a video for free.

Q: How do these AI tools bring still images to life and turn them into dynamic videos? A: These AI tools work using algorithms and machine learning to analyze and interpret the content of still images, including colors, shapes, and textures. The tools then use this information to create dynamic animations and transitions, adding motion and visual interest to the final video.

Q: How can these videos be used to profit from the Internet?

  1. Create content on social media: Many platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, prioritize video content. Using AI tools to turn images into videos can help you create engaging content that attracts followers and potentially generates revenue through sponsored content or advertising.
  2. Provide video creation services on freelance sites like Mthb Khamsat, Pfeiffer, and others.
  3. Monetize YouTube channels: Using artificial intelligence tools to create videos allows you to create channels with various content, such as horror stories, children’s tales, and historical narratives.

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