Top Streaming Apps for the Nintendo Switch

Streaming apps are the services that help capture, record, and share live content. Ever since Nintendo launched Switch to the market, consumers have wanted to stream and watch live videos on the console. 

Well, we are aware that Switch is all about video games. Therefore, Nintendo hasn’t focused much on streaming or other services.

Best Streaming Apps on Switch

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot watch your favorite TV show or movie on the gaming device. There are a few streaming applications available right now.

But what about sharing our live gameplay? Unfortunately, there’s no direct method of uploading a live stream on Switch. Nevertheless, we can use a capture device to record ourselves and stream using encoding software.  

Now, let’s dive into best streaming apps for switch.

Twitch: For Live Video Game Streaming


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the gaming community. However, it wasn’t available on the device until November 2021.

After its recent introduction, we are able to watch our favorite creators. Apart from viewing the gameplays, we can enjoy plenty of other services on Twitch.

Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t allow us to broadcast our gameplays on Switch yet. Hopefully, Nintendo will make this feature available soon.

YouTube: For Streaming Free Videos


Unarguably, YouTube is the best platform for streaming free videos. Like Twitch, you can download the application from eShop for free.

Most of us are aware of using YouTube on our PCs and smartphones. So, you don’t require an additional guide to use the service on Switch. 

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Although we can watch any video, YouTube on Switch doesn’t provide the feature of uploading. This shouldn’t be a problem if we use the gaming device to browse videos.

However, video creators who plan to post regular videos should look for other options. We hope that Nintendo will add the upload functionality soon. 

Additionally, YouTube TV is also unavailable at the moment. This means we can’t enjoy any local network channels on Switch yet.

Other than that, YouTube is the best application available on Switch. We are sure this is the first streaming service you prefer to download on your console.

For some reason, your YouTube comments may not show. If you’re facing this issue, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to fix it.

Hulu: Watch Your Favorite TV Show


Hulu is a streaming application providing its services on Switch since November 2017. Interestingly, they are the first-ever video streaming platform on the gaming console.

Hulu provides plenty of television series and films to watch from popular networks. Additionally, we can stream top channels, including NBC, ABC, FOX, and many more. 

If you plan to download Hulu, we recommend testing their free trial. You can enjoy enough content and cancel your plan anytime you like. If you are satisfied using the application, you can subscribe to their premium service once the trial is over.

Although Hulu is available on Switch, some of us often forget that the application only works in the USA. If you are from another nation, you can use a third-party service like VPN to stream shows offered by Hulu.

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Well, you might face tons of ad issues on this application. Read this article to learn how to get rid of them.

Funimation: For Anime Fans


If you’re an anime fan, you have probably wondered where to watch your favorite show on Switch. With the introduction to Funimation, you can now start streaming hundreds of anime on your gaming device.

Funimation is a streaming application providing English-dubbed anime along with English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Well, we can only enjoy two weeks of their free trial. But, to watch ad-free content, we must purchase their premium plan to continue watching our favorite anime. 

Unfortunately, not all countries/regions can access Funimation. Nevertheless, the application is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and a few other nations.

Pokemon TV: Watch All Episodes For Free


Pokemon TV provides all episodes of the iconic anime series. Interestingly, the application is updated regularly so users can enjoy new content every day. 

Additionally, we can enjoy various Pokemon Training Card games and participate in other competitions here. 

Earlier, Pokemon fans could only enjoy the service on other platforms. Thankfully, Nintendo has brought Pokemon TV to their eShop. 

Unlike other apps, this service is free. Yes, you heard it – we do not need to pay an additional charge to watch the show we love.

There are plenty of Pokemon games available on Switch. So, you can even watch tutorials on Pokemon TV to brush up on your gaming strategies.  

Crunchyroll: Stream Anime For Free

After a huge demand, Switch has finally introduced Crunchyroll. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest news for anime fans owning the gaming console.

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Reportedly, Nintendo introduced Crunchyroll in February 2022. Even in a short duration, the application has managed to earn positive feedback from its users.

Like other apps, this anime streaming service is available for free. And, you guessed it – we can have a premium account for an extra cost.

Crunchyroll on Switch allows us to watch almost every anime series for free, except for the new ones. We need a premium service if we wish to watch the latest shows. 

There are three types of subscriptions available – Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan. Among them, the latter two are comparatively expensive as it provides extra features.

Hence, this platform is undoubtedly the best for Anime lovers. If you have the general idea of using the app on another console, it shouldn’t be a problem on Switch.

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