TopSpin 2K25: The Best Tennis Game

In 2024, tennis fans were spoiled: Reebok resurrected its classic Court Victory Pump sneakers, Zendaya played a sizzling mixed doubles match on screen in Challengers, and now one of the greatest tennis video game series, TopSpin 2K25, is back after a 13-year hiatus. But is this comeback a winning smash or just a soft forehand?

Let’s talk about what interests us first: the gameplay. And we can say that TopSpin 2K25 shines with its handling and the room for improvement it offers. The controls are simple and responsive, allowing for dynamic rallies that recall the speed and tension of the sport. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very satisfying! The game also features one of the most comprehensive tutorials I’ve ever encountered in the genre, with over an hour of mini-challenges to master the basics and advanced tactics. 👌

The players’ movements are fluid, there’s a certain “simulation” inertia, and each racket stroke is felt on the screen. The rallies are intense, with slides on clay courts, acrobatic volleys, and net rushes that succeed 1 in 5 times. 😀 The energy gauge system adds a strategic dimension: should you save your energy for a super shot or risk fatigue? It’s with many small elements like this that the game truly shines, offering quite an intense tennis experience.

Graphically, it’s not bad at all. The stadiums are beautiful, from the hard courts of the US Open to the immaculate lawns of Wimbledon. The players seem recognizable, with detailed faces and realistic animations, though a bit stiff at times… Let’s say you wouldn’t mistake them for real humans. 😀 I don’t really like the music (a matter of taste), but with the crowd’s applause, impact sounds, and commentary, the sound ambiance is well done and immersive.

The menu, a bit messy, offers a lot of options. The MyCareer mode is the heart of the game, with ATP tournaments, special challenges, and targeted training. Be mindful of energy management, though, as a significant drop can lead to injuries. Customization options are also plentiful, from outfits to rackets to celebration animations. You can create your own player and customize them as you unlock items. Expect some bad taste. 😀

Mentioned earlier, the Tennis School mode is ideal for beginners, with interactive lessons to learn the basics, while the Legendary Matches mode recreates historical duels between tennis legends. I don’t know much about it, but it’s nice! And of course, the online mode lets you compete against other gamers across the globe… There’s plenty to do!

Unfortunately, TopSpin 2K25 isn’t without flaws. Its MyCareer mode can sometimes feel tedious, and the number of licensed players is somewhat limited compared to the variety of available stadiums. But the biggest drawback is the monetization. Microtransactions are very present, especially for unlocking outfits and celebration animations. While this doesn’t directly affect the gameplay, it’s a shame to see such elements behind a paywall…

That said, not everything is behind a paywall, as since its release, TopSpin 2K25 has received several free updates and DLCs that have enriched the gaming experience: new licensed players, additional stadiums, refined textures, reworked animations, improved lighting effects, and even new online challenges. There seems to be real support, which is nice!

In short, I highly recommend TopSpin 2K25 to tennis fans; it’s hard to do better in terms of gameplay pleasure and content, but it doesn’t revolutionize the genre. There’s no competition, so it’s easy to say, but it’s the best game at the moment, and it’s REALLY a good game. Get ready to serve!

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