Transform Your Smartphone into a Computer Microphone with AudioRelay

Did you wake up this morning with an irrepressible need to stream audio between your different devices?

That’s good; AudioRelay is here for that!

This free application allows you to turn your Android smartphone into a microphone or speaker connected to your computer.

Thanks to this application, you will be able to record any sound with your phone and stream it to your computer via a simple Wi-Fi connection. You will thus be able to use your smartphone as a microphone for your PC or send the sound from your computer to your smartphone.

Smartphone connected to a computer It’s practical for walking around the house listening to a sound playing on the computer without disturbing other people who live with you ^^. The application allows you to send sound in real-time, which results in much lower latency than with a traditional Bluetooth connection.

AudioRelay offers many great features like the ability to use a USB connection to get the best possible quality. You can also stream your music in several rooms in the house or listen to it with several people, all wirelessly and with very little delay.

AudioRelay is available for free by clicking here

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