Turbolehe OSINT: Easily Discover Hidden Email Addresses

I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, I introduced you to Holehe. It is an OSINT tool that allows you to launch searches on social networks and various websites to collect information about a person simply from their email address.

It’s very cool, and installing it is easy:

pip3 install holehe

In addition to this tool, today I present to you Turbolehe, which is grafted onto Holehe and allows you to improve your OSINT investigations. Turbolehe enables a first name + last name search, as well as the generation of reports. It is installed like this:

git clone https://github.com/UserCr4ig/Turbolehe
cd Turbolehe

It works almost the same; just enter the following command with the first and last name:

python3 turbolehe.py LASTNAME FIRSTNAME

The tool will then generate all possible email address combinations and check them on all the sites it knows about. Additionally, it will produce CSV reports that you can use in your processes or simply read with any spreadsheet.

Note that if you want to target a particular domain name, to limit yourself, for example, to a company, this is also possible with the -B parameter:

python turbolehe.py John Doe -B

Future improvements will include handling larger amounts of data and multithreading, making the tool even faster and more efficient. If you’re interested, it’s available via GitHub, where you can also find the source code and instructions for installing and using the tool.

To sum up, Turbolehe is an incredibly useful tool for OSINT enthusiasts and casual detectives like me. It automates the process of generating and verifying email addresses, saving you time in your surveys.”

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