TweetGPT: The Chrome extension that tweets for you

Spending excessive time on Twitter can sometimes leave you struggling to respond appropriately to people approaching you. This can be due to encountering rude individuals who provoke a strong emotional reaction or encountering individuals who lack the necessary comprehension to understand your intended message. To avoid wasting time on unproductive interactions with such people, you can either ignore them or enlist the assistance of ChatGPT to respond on your behalf. This will enable you to maintain composure and respond in a manner that aligns with your preferred tone.

The TweetGPT extension can assist you with this task. By utilizing it, you can select a response style with a single click and receive a message that matches the initial tweet. It’s important to note that I couldn’t locate inappropriate posts to respond to, so I opted for a typical tweet. Additionally, I highly regard the person in the image above and solely use their tweet for demonstration purposes. As a joke, I chose the “Controversial” response style, and the ensuing message was their reaction.


Not bad, isn’t it?

Try it

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