Typst: Harnessing the Power of LaTeX Made Simple for Seamless Document Creation

If you are a fan of writing professional documents with figures, formulas, tables, and bibliographies, you have surely already heard of LaTeX — this ultra-powerful but also ultra-complicated text composition system. Well, today, let me introduce you to Typst, a tool that aims to offer you the power of LaTeX with simplicity and performance that meet your expectations.

Whether you are a mathematics student writing a dissertation with tons of formulas and graphs, or a researcher in molecular biology composing a scientific article with very precise bibliographic references, Typst could be your best ally.

Typst is a markup-based text composition system, similar to LaTeX, allowing you to describe the structure and formatting of your document directly in your browser. This means you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Moreover, Typst is an open-source project funded by the European Union and the State of Berlin, ensuring you can use it with complete confidence; it’s very serious.

With Typst, you can create professional documents without spending hours learning LaTeX syntax. Additionally, Typst offers an instant preview of your document, enabling you to see any changes you make immediately.

You can create titles, lists, tables, formulas, and many other elements simply by using specific tags. Typst also supports collaborative work and allows you to apply different templates to your content, which can be very useful.

The tool can be used online, and as it is under a free license, you can also install it on your machine directly. For more information on installation based on your OS (macOS / Windows / Linux), please consult the GitHub page.

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Discover Typst here.

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