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The other day, I encountered a Windows problem with a file I couldn’t delete. An unknown process was blocking it, and I was unsure about what was causing the issue. That’s when I discovered LockHunter, a remarkable utility that swiftly resolved my problem. In this article, I will introduce you to this invaluable tool and guide you on how to use it for unlocking files and folders in Windows.

One of the aspects I appreciate about LockHunter is its simplicity. There’s no need to search extensively for instructions on using it—simply right-click on the blocked file or folder and select “What is locking this file?

The program launches and displays all the essential information about the current process, locking your file or folder. Until now, there’s nothing exceptionally surprising compared to other software like Unlocker, which I have previously mentioned and is undoubtedly the most well-known option.

Rather than comparing these tools, my intention is to showcase the features of LockHunter. Once you have selected a file, you will have several options at your disposal. The first option is “Unlock It!” which attempts to close any running processes that are using your file or folder. If successful, you will receive a message stating, “The file has been unlocked successfully!”

The next option is “Delete It!” which allows you to force the deletion of the blocked file or folder. What I appreciate about this option is that it moves deleted files to the Windows Recycle Bin, providing the opportunity to restore them in case of accidental deletion. This is a significant advantage for individuals like me, who are sometimes too quick to delete files without much thought.

Lastly, the “Other” button contains several interesting options. The first one, “Delete At Next System Restart,” permits you to delete the blocked file or folder during the next operating system restart. This can be helpful if it is otherwise impossible to delete it. The “Unlock & Rename” and “Unlock & Copy” options respectively allow you to unlock, rename, or copy the file or folder in question.

Another feature that I find appealing in LockHunter is its ability to directly terminate blocking processes from the hard drive. This can be useful since malware sometimes locks your files for obscure purposes.

In conclusion, LockHunter has become an indispensable tool in my Windows software kit. It is simple, free, and highly effective in unlocking any blocked file or folder. If you have ever encountered a similar problem, I strongly recommend adopting this utility and keeping it readily available.

Find LockHunter here: https://lockhunter.com

Mohamed SAKHRI
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