Upgrade Your API Development with PostgREST: Leave CRUD Interfaces in the Past

If you enjoy working with your PostgreSQL database but find yourself tired of coding your own CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interfaces for APIs, then I have a great project that can help.

It’s called PostgREST, and it’s a standalone web server that can transform your PostgreSQL database into a RESTful API. Asking the database to perform joins or provide authorizations on certain objects is often easier than coding an entire business logic to retrieve the data you need, making PostgREST a significant time-saver.

Screenshot of the PostgREST interface showing the list of database tables and columns

You can create custom views in PostgreSQL and PostgREST will align with them to provide you with an API that perfectly matches your database. By default, all tables and views in the database are accessible through the API. For instance, if you have a table named “people”, you can search for it through the following path:

curl "http://localhost:3000/people"

You can filter the results by specifying conditions on the columns. For instance, if you have a “Student” column that shows whether someone is a student or not (True or False), you can use this column to filter your results.

curl "http://localhost:3000/people?student=is.true"

You have grasped the concept well. The documentation is comprehensive and well-organized, and the available tutorials will make it easy for you to get started. If you plan to deploy it in production, make sure to check out the hardening page as well.

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