Vectorpea – The vector graphics editor of Photopea

If you are looking for an online vector graphics editor that can easily manipulate AI, SVG, and PDF files, look no further; Vectorpea has got you covered!

Designed by the creators of Photopea, Vectorpea follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by reproducing many of Adobe Illustrator’s features directly in a web browser.

Although it is still in the beta phase and not open source, this tool is already well advanced and, therefore, very useful on a daily basis! Thanks to it, you will be able to easily create, edit, and modify vector drawings without having to download or install any software, since everything is done in your browser.

And it’s free!

You can, therefore, import existing files (AI, PDF, SVG) into Vectorpea or create new vector projects from scratch using, if you wish, the templates provided. In terms of available tools, you can draw, work on multiple layers, apply effects, adjust colors and shapes, and much more.

And of course, you can easily export your creations to other file formats, share them with your colleagues, or publish them directly to social networks.

Is that the demand of the people?

It’s up to you to make beautiful vectors now!

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