Video DownloadHelper – An Update Not to Be Missed!

The new version of Video DownloadHelper is finally here!

Mig and his team have been tirelessly working on this video download extension for over 15 years, and it shows, as millions of users continue to use it on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. Video DownloadHelper is a must-have.

For version 9, the team brought in Paul Rouget (Hi Paul!), a veteran from Mozilla who spent 17 years enriching Firefox. With such a resume, he definitely knows extensions! So, what does this bring us?

Well, a bunch of very interesting new features.

Firstly, the interface has had a significant polish. It’s more modern, finally supports dark themes (essential to save our tired eyes), and is keyboard navigable for better accessibility.

But the coolest feature is the sidebar where you can pin Video DownloadHelper to have a real-time view of the videos available for download, those in progress, and the videos already downloaded. It’s super handy to keep an eye on your downloads without leaving the current page.

If you just want to grab the audio from a video to create a playlist or listen to a speech without storing the full video, that’s now possible as Video DownloadHelper can extract only the audio track, which is perfect for saving disk space and creating personal podcasts to listen to in the car or on public transport.

Speaking of formats, the latest version also handles conversion from one format to another (thanks to FFmpeg) and supports a variety of qualities (from Ultra HD to low definition) and containers (MKV, MP4, WebM, etc.). In short, you’ll have plenty of options.

Additionally, the extension supports downloading videos from over 1,000 websites, including YouTube videos and live streams, allowing you to watch them offline later.

In short, it’s clear that the Video DownloadHelper team has gone all out to offer us a top-notch version 9. It’s great to see an extension last so long and continue to evolve to meet needs even better. Paul’s work on this release is especially noticeable in the interface, which is extremely pleasant and practical to use.

So, if it’s been a while since you last checked out Video DownloadHelper, now’s the time to reinstall it and test video downloading on your favorite site (YouTube, X, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.).

Congratulations again to Mig, Paul, and everyone involved in this project for this high-quality new version!

Download it here!

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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  1. Way to go Mig, ruining your entire project and making the add-on unusable with one update. Making it useless for anything but the simplest of websites, the ones that typically have a download link. 4/10

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