Warp: Efficient, Swift, and Secure File Transfer

Have you ever heard of Warp?

Warp is an open-source software, like most of the software I’m talking about here, and its mission is to securely send files to your friends over the Internet or a local network, simply by exchanging a code composed of words.

Enough blah-blah; here are the main features of Warp:

  • Transferring files between multiple devices
  • Each exchange is encrypted
  • Possibility of direct transfer to the local network, when possible
  • Support for a QR Code to retrieve the code
  • Compatibility with the Magic Wormhole command-line client and all other compatible applications.

What sets Warp apart, as you can see, is its Magic Wormhole protocol. This protocol determines the best transfer method, including over the local network, and ensures that your files are transferred quickly and securely, regardless of file size and machine location.

Warp is available on Windows and Linux (flatpak), and you can find all the info about it here.

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