Wave – The open-source terminal for Linux / macOS that will make your life easier

Whether you’re on Linux or macOS, you’re likely familiar with the ability to operate entirely within your terminal by typing concise command lines with your nimble fingers. However, as efficient as the terminal is, managing multiple instances can quickly become chaotic.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution called Wave, which embodies everything you would expect from a modern terminal. With this tool, you can create workspaces (or, in colloquial terms, what might be referred to in Trump’s language as “Workspaces”). Within each workspace, you can establish several local or remote sessions with persistent connections. All this data is naturally saved, making it easy to locate your setups quickly, even after a reboot, for example.

So, what does this terminal offer?

In addition to the standard features of typing command lines, Wave allows you to swiftly edit code in any file using the same editor as VS Code, complete with syntax highlighting and more.

Moreover, it enables you to view the content of data files such as Markdown, CSV, JSON, and more. For instance, CSV files are presented in the form of a table, allowing you to conveniently copy and paste if the need arises.

As the icing on the cake, Wave even includes a built-in image viewer.

You can download WaveTerm here.

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