WeTransfer: a tool for sending large files

The WeTransfer site is an online service that allows sending large files by e-mail.

WeTransfer: a tool for sending large files


To start, go to the WeTransfer website and select the file you want to send (up to 2 GB). Next, enter the email addresses of your recipients (you can add up to 20 email addresses), your email address (so you can receive a notification when the files are downloaded), and an optional message.

You will then have the option to either create a download link or send the files directly via email. Click the “Transfer” button to start the process. If you choose to create a download link, it will be generated as soon as your file is uploaded to the site. If you choose to send the files via email, your recipients will receive an email with your message and a “Download” button. When they click the button, a new tab will open, and they can click “Download” to start the download.

That’s it!

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