Windows 11 Update Enables Smartphone Use as Webcam

Microsoft is drawing inspiration from Apple’s macOS, which already offers Mac users the capability to use their smartphone as a webcam. With Windows 11, users can enjoy this feature without the need for third-party software, as the system now supports it natively.

Windows 11 Smartphone Webcam

Now, you can use your smartphone as a webcam on your PC. While macOS allows only iPhones to be used natively as webcams, Windows 11 takes a different approach by requiring an Android smartphone. It remains unclear whether support for iPhones will be introduced later or if limitations within iOS prevent Microsoft from providing this functionality.

How Microsoft Implements Its System

Here’s how Microsoft This Its system:

This feature enables you to wirelessly harness the high quality of your mobile device’s camera on your PC, offering flexibility and ease of use. You can switch between the front and rear cameras, pause the feed during interruptions, and enjoy the effects available on your mobile model.

Currently, this feature is exclusive to Windows Insiders, meaning only those who install test versions of Windows have access. To use it, you need a smartphone with at least Android 9 Pie, the Link with Windows app version 1.24012 or higher, and a PC running Windows 11.

To activate the option, navigate to Settings >> Bluetooth and Connected Mobile Devices, proceed to the device management section, and grant access to the camera.

Microsoft has not announced when the capability to use your smartphone as a webcam with a Windows 11 PC will be made available to all users, but it is expected to be soon.

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