Windows 11: What Microsoft’s Major Update Brings

As Windows 11 struggles to gain a foothold against Windows 10 and Microsoft focuses on AI for the future of PCs with Copilot+, the latest operating system is not out of the game yet. This is evident with the announcement of the major 24H2 update scheduled for “later this year.” To prepare for this rollout, Microsoft has made it available for download to testers in the Release Preview channel.

What’s New in Version 24H2
After installing this version (Build 26100.712) from Windows Update (listed as an optional update), Windows 11 gains numerous new features. These include support for HDR wallpapers and WiFi 7, the ability to create 7zip and TAR archives directly from the file explorer, and a new power-saving tool that prioritizes battery life over interface smoothness.

Additionally, Windows 11 will feature a scrollable view in the quick settings dropdown menu from the taskbar. Bluetooth LE device support is set to expand, and the Voice Clarity tool will improve voice audio quality in applications. A Sudo command will also be introduced, along with some integration of Rust in the Windows kernel.

Copilot to Replace Cortana and More
Microsoft notes that installing Windows 11 24H2 will remove the Tips, WordPad, and especially Cortana applications. Cortana will be replaced by an enhanced Copilot experience, available via an app pinned to the taskbar (downloadable from the Microsoft Store in Europe).

However, new AI-based features recently announced, like Recall, will only be offered to users with the upcoming Copilot+ program, reserved for future compatible machines.

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