With iTerm2, AI Enters Your Favorite macOS Terminal

iTerm2, the preferred terminal for developers on macOS, is back with a major new release: version 3.5, released on May 20, 2024. This version brings numerous new features that will delight command line enthusiasts. It includes everything that has made this terminal successful for years: infinitely customizable interface, 24-bit color support, window splitting into panels, advanced search, the ability to use functions like Shell Integration to automate certain tasks, and a plethora of options for advanced users.

But the big news of this version is the integration of ChatGPT, the famous conversational agent from OpenAI. You can now chat with an AI directly in your terminal and ask for help with your development tasks. Need to generate a complex regex? Convert JSON to YAML? Document your code? ChatGPT is there to assist you.

To use this feature, simply open a new terminal, then use the CMD + Y shortcut to bring up a prompt window:

The tool will then suggest a command that you just have to run in the terminal. Another AI feature called Codecierge (a contraction of Code and Concierge) also guides you step by step in the completion of your projects.

This version also introduces improvements such as easier navigation between panels. Previously, you had to use the mouse or unintuitive shortcuts. Now, you can switch from one panel to another with ⌘← and ⌘→. The search has also been revised to be more responsive. Results are displayed as you type, without a button to click. Filtering and syntax highlighting work on the fly.

iTerm adds support for light and dark themes, which adapt to your system preferences. Your tired eyes will appreciate it at the end of the day. This is customizable in the settings.

Another thoughtful little novelty: integration with the 1Password password manager. No need to keep it open all the time anymore. You can retrieve your secrets directly in the terminal. Convenient for scaling your app without having to re-enter your 150 passwords! Everything is encrypted end-to-end, of course. And it’s configurable in the integration settings.

iTerm also includes a bunch of well-thought-out little options that simplify the lives of command line lovers: clipboard synchronization, searching in command history, profiles per SSH host, smart notifications… In short, a real toolbox for command line enthusiasts.

And it’s open source too!

For more details, head to the official website.

Mohamed SAKHRI
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