X-Pipe – The hub for your shell connections and remote file management

You’re safe on your computer in “I’m the shell boss” mode, but every time you want to connect remotely to a server or transfer a file, you face a few minutes of typing command lines and searching for paths, IP addresses, and credentials.

What if we could make our lives a little easier?

With X-Pipe, a free software for non-commercial use, you can centralize all your remote machine connections in a kind of hub. The login information stored by X-Pipe is encrypted and kept only on your computer. This hub enables you to quickly connect and switch between environments. It even allows you to create desktop shortcuts that, when clicked, instantly open a group’s connections in a terminal.

What’s special about X-Pipe is that it integrates seamlessly with our existing tools, delegating all tasks to our favorite text/code editors and other command-line tools.

But that’s not all. X-Pipe is also a remote file manager, meaning you can interact with the file system of any server directly from the tool. With a single click, you can launch a session or edit files. If a script is not accessible due to rights issues, you can even run it directly via sudo.

The best part is the advanced scripting system that allows you to create reusable scripts or script templates for remote systems.

To install X-Pipe, there are versions for the most popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS:

But don’t worry if you prefer portable versions:

Or install it using a simple command line on Windows:

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iwr 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xpipe-io/xpipe/master/get-xpipe.ps1' -OutFile '$env:TEMP\get-xpipe.ps1'; & '$env:TEMP\get-xpipe.ps1'"

Or on MacOS (you can also use Brew: brew install --cask xpipe-io/tap/xpipe):

bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xpipe-io/xpipe/master/get-xpipe.sh)

Find out more here.

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