YouPlot: Visualize Your Data with Graphs Directly in Your Terminal

If you regularly manipulate data and love your terminal, I have a great utility for you. This is YouPlot, a command-line tool that allows you to plot graphs directly in your terminal.

YouPlot is compatible with several chart types like histograms, bar charts, density charts, and even box plots. It’s powered by UnicodePlot, a text-based graph plotting library that lets you create high-quality data visualizations right in your terminal.

To install YouPlot, you can use the command brew install youplot if you are using macOS or gem install youplot for other operating systems with Ruby.

Once you have installed YouPlot, you can use the “uplot” command followed by a subcommand to plot a graph in your terminal.

Here are some examples of using YouPlot:

To create a histogram, you can use the uplot hist command. For example, you can generate a histogram of random values using the command:

echo -e "from numpy import random; n = random.randn(10000); print('\\n'.join(str(i) for i in n))" | python | uplot hist --nbins 20

To create a bar chart, you can use the uplot bar command. For example, you can generate a bar chart of the areas of the world’s major lands using the command:

curl -sL | sort -nk2 -t, | tail -n15 | uplot bar -d, -t "Areas of the World's Major Landmasses"

To create a density plot, you can use the uplot density command. For example, you can generate a density graph of iris data using the command:

curl -sL | cut -f1-4 | uplot density -H -t IRIS

In short, it’s a super practical tool for people who regularly work with data and need to quickly create visualizations without leaving their terminal. It’s much more complicated than generating them in Excel.

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