Your Internet browser is slow? Here is our guide to clearing the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari cache!

The cache is a key part of your Internet browser, storing information from past visits to make sites load faster on future visits. However, it can sometimes create problems, and knowing how to clear it is essential to improve your browsing experience.

Clear cache on web browsers:

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the Plus icon of three vertical dots.
  2. Select “More tools” and then “Clear browsing data.”
  3. Choose to delete the entire data by selecting “All periods” or choose a specific period.
  4. Check the boxes for “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files.”
  5. Finally, click “Clear Data.”

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your Firefox window and go to the History tab.
  2. Select “Clear recent history.”
  3. Choose “All” in the time range and check the “Cookies” and “Cache” boxes.
  4. Click “OK,” close all Firefox windows, then restart your browser.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open a Microsoft Edge window and click the Settings icon, represented by three horizontal dots at the top right.
  2. Select “Privacy & Services” and choose “Choose what to clear” under “Clear browsing data.”
  3. Check “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data.”
  4. Click “Clear Now” and restart your browser.


  1. Open the Safari app, select “Safari,” then “Preferences & Privacy.”
  2. Click “Manage website data.”
  3. You can choose to “Delete Everything” or clear data from specific sites.
  4. Restart your browser, and your cache will be cleared, ready to improve your browsing experience.

Clearing your browser cache is an effective way to resolve browsing issues and improve the performance of your online experience. A few minutes spent on this task will allow you to enjoy smoother and faster online browsing.

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