YouTube is intensifying its pursuit of ad blockers; How can we continue to use it?

YouTube wants to charge you for not having ads. It blocks videos if you have an ad blocker. The site now displays a warning if you use an ad blocker. Here are some solutions to continue watching your videos peacefully.

The ban on ad blockers on YouTube is a measure the platform takes to encourage users to subscribe to its paid YouTube Premium offer, which allows you to watch videos without advertising.

On the other hand, the hunt is intensifying. If we have already advised you to block advertising on YouTube, the ban is now manifested by the appearance of a message blocking video playback if you have an active ad blocker. This message asks you to either turn off your blocker or sign up for YouTube Premium. So, what to do?

YouTube is stopping you from watching ad-free videos? Three solutions to get around the problem

There are several solutions to bypass this ban and continue watching ad-free videos on YouTube.

In our opinion, the best is to use a different ad blocker than the one you currently use, which YouTube does not detect. We highly recommend uBlock Origin, a free and open-source extension for browsers. Its installation on Firefox or Chrome works wonderfully.

You can also use an alternative video player which does not load the official YouTube player. Some users suggest Invidious, which is a website that allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads, without tracking, and with more options.

You can finally use a proxy (there are dozens; the choice is yours), which modifies your IP address and your location. Some claim that the ban on ad blockers is not enforced in some countries, such as Switzerland or Canada.

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Remember that these solutions are not 100% guaranteed; above all, they can be countered by YouTube anytime.

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