Zelda’s Adventure: Rediscovering the Classic Game Boy Quest

If you’re a true fan of the Zelda series, you probably remember those Zelda CD-i games from the 90s that weren’t very popular with fans. Well, it seems that an independent developer, John Lay, has managed to transform one of these games, Zelda’s Adventure, into an enhanced version for the Game Boy! Amazing, isn’t it?

John Lay’s project involves adapting Zelda’s Adventure for the Game Boy using GB Studio, a well-known application for creating Game Boy games. What’s truly fascinating about this project is that it incorporates graphical elements from Link’s Awakening as well as features from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. In other words, this de-make of Zelda’s Adventure offers a nostalgic and authentic experience for fans of the Zelda series.

Now, for those who have had the chance to try this game, it hasn’t been spared from bugs and glitches, and you might encounter some issues. But bear with me, because this is truly a unique project made by a fan.

As for me, I can’t wait to try this new version of Zelda’s Adventure on my old Game Boy! And who knows, maybe it will inspire other independent developers to resurrect other forgotten games from our childhood.

For those interested in the game, there happens to be a downloadable version available. You can discover it here! (It’s free!)

Happy exploring, everyone!

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