Embedding Mastodon Posts Static and Privacy-Focused Way

With the static embedding, I wanted to remove all requirements for JavaScript and remove all third-party requests on behalf of the users here. In short, this speeds things up and saves you from worrying about cookies & tracking or needing to make exceptions to the site’s CSP.

The downside is that it’s a cludge of bash script, JavaScript, Puppeteer, Go, and HTML on the backend. At least nobody else sees that.

It loads the embedded version of the post in Chromium, takes a time-stamped screenshot, extracts the post content, and creates an image embedded with an alt-tag using a truncated part of the post content. And, links to the post for maximum PageRank, of course. The images & text content are stored in the site’s static directory, making serving easy.

Sample toot/post

John Mueller posted: Want to follow the world of #SEO ? Click the hashtag and follow it. That way it shows content from across servers, which seems like a useful thing (until it's full of SEO #spam ,  ...

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The full code is on GitHub.

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