Re-watch Your Favorite Anime Comfortably and Easily with Miru

Today, we’re diving into the world of streaming with Miru, a futuristic tool that combines the best of qBittorrent, Taiga, and MPV, all condensed into a 100% JavaScript package for anime streaming sessions that you’ll love.

On Miru, there are no ads, no tracking, no data collection. It’s 100% free with quality, lightning-fast downloads, and fresh releases. The tool looks like a streaming site but behind the scenes, it’s powered by BitTorrent with very cool features:

🔍 Search for anime by name, genre, season, year, format, status
📺 View ongoing/planned anime and add/remove with one click
✅ Auto-mark episodes as watched
🎞️ Trailers and previews of anime
🌟 Anime rating
🔗 View related anime
🌐 Auto-detect releases via torrent RSS
🔎 Search for anime by image
📜 Full subtitle support (VTT, SSA, ASS, SUB, TXT)
🕹️ Keyboard shortcuts for all actions (fast forward, rewind, volume, subtitles, next/previous playback, full screen, picture in picture)
🎮 Controller compatibility
🖼️ Mini-player mode
🎧 Display playback info
🔑 Media key support
👾 Discord Rich Presence
🖱️ Thumbnail preview
⏸️ Auto-pause if focus is lost
⏯️ Auto-play next episode
🔊 Multi-audio support
📈 Download progress on the playback bar
🗂️ Select download folder
🚦 Control upload/download speeds
🧩 Extension support to add sources and trackers

It’s also ready to use on AUR and in Deb format for Linux or with .exe and .dmg for Windows and macOS. And of course, the sources are here.

Obviously, there’s a lot to explore with this tool, so before you start binge-watching, make sure you’re only watching content that is in the public domain or free of rights.

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