15 Best Time Killing Games on Android and iOS

Sometimes you don’t want a game that takes all of your attention and days to complete. In those moments, the best thing to do is download a game you can play on the go.

It won’t take all your attention or multiple days to master—you can just jump right in and start having fun.

Games like Candy CrushAngry BirdsSubway Surfer, and Fruit Ninja have large followings for a good reason—they’re fun and addictive.

However, there is a whole world of other games to try. Don’t jump right to the best-known ones because you might find you enjoy more offbeat selections.

So, without further ado, here are the finalists for the best games you can play to pass time.

Cut the Rope

Source: play.google.com

Cut the rope is all about feeding Om Nom, a sweet little creature who craves some candy.

The challenge is that the candy is swinging from a rope, and you need to cut that rope in just the right way. If you do, Om Nom gets to munch on the candy.

All kinds of environmental hazards make it more challenging to feed Om Nom. For example, you might encounter electric charges, floating bubbles, or spikes that block your way.

With 150 levels to play through, you’ll be able to waste plenty of time making sure your little friend gets all the food he desires.

Cut the Rope is available on Android and iOS.

Monument Valley 2

Source: play.google.com

Monument Valley 2 is a beautiful little puzzle game.

You guide your character and her daughter through geometric landscapes to reach your goals. Both characters are usable and can be employed to help complete the puzzles.

The bright colors and captivating logic puzzles should hold your attention even in busy environments. While the game is a sequel, you don’t have to play the first one to understand and appreciate this entry in the series.

Monument Valley 2 is available on Android and iOS.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

Source: play.google.com

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are both boarding games.

You guide your character over the snow or sands, avoiding obstacles and traps. They’re both simple and positive games that are suitable for players of any age.

I would definitely recommend you to wear your headphones and crank up the volume for the full experience.

Alto’s Odyssey takes place in the desert and Alto’s Adventure in the mountains. Other than the setup there is not much difference as both of them have a similar gameplay style.

But, it might be fun to start with Adventure and master its moves before moving to Odyssey, which introduces some new actions and challenges.

Brain Dots

Source: play.google.com

Brain dots is a creative problem-solving game with a simple goal: bring a blue ball and a pink ball together.

Obstacles will make it challenging to get the balls together. As you play, you draw on the screen to create a path for the two balls to come together.

You can collect different pens to make the game look a little different as you go. With more than 100 levels, Brain Dots kill hours of your time.

Brain Dots is available on both Android and iOS.


Source: play.google.com

BADLAND is an action-adventure platformer where you move from one side of the screen in the direction of the other, avoiding enemies and pitfalls.

The setting is an enchanted forest where something is amiss. There’s a real story to follow and neat power-ups to add variety to its many levels.

One neat thing about BADLAND is that you don’t have to waste time alone. Up to four players can take each other on and fight for victory.

BADLAND is available on Android and iOS.

Words with Friends 2

Source: play.google.com

Words with Friends 2 is a great way to pass the time and increase your vocabulary all at once.

You challenge your friends to use their tiles to create words, attempting to hit particular spaces that give you more points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Words with Friends 2 has a variety of game modes. It also offers public matchmaking in case you want to play with some people you don’t know to practice for your friends.

Words with Friends 2 is available on Android and iOS.

Crossy Road

Source: play.google.com

Why did the chicken cross the road? Crossy Road will help you find out the answer for yourself.

Play as a variety of characters—like a chicken and a penguin—trying to cross a busy road riddled with obstacles.

Don’t wait forever to make your way across the road. The world keeps moving, and there are perils you might not expect if you take too long.

Crossy Road is available on Android and iOS.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Source: play.google.com

You are a ravenous shark and must eat to survive.

Hungry Shark Evolution is an enjoyable game that offers customizable sharks, quests, and hidden treasures to find.

One appealing thing about the game is that there are many different environments—and you’re not always stuck underwater.

You can play the game without an internet connection if needed.

Hungry Shark Evolution is available on Android and iOS

Beat Blade

Source: play.google.com

Beat blade is a mobile take on Beat Saber.

Although you won’t have to do an arm workout to play the game, your thumb might definitely gain some muscles.

The game might start off easy but some levels are really frustrating to complete. Don’t forget to plug in your headphones for an adrenaline rush.

If you want to save your progress, you can do so with your Facebook account. Beat Blade also has a wide variety of music tracks from which to choose.

Beat Blade is available on Android and iOS

Bubble Shooter

Source: play.google.com

Aim your shooter and pop bubbles to clear them away.

To get rid of them, make sure you use color matching. Yellow bubbles pop yellow bubbles, and green bubbles get rid of green ones.

There are several modes to choose from, including an arcade mode, a levels mode, and a classic mode.

The different approaches to popping bubbles help keep the game fresh even after hours of gameplay.

Bubble Shooter is available on Android and iOS.

Smash Hit 

Source: play.google.com

If you’ve ever felt like creating wanton destruction, Smash Hit is a must-download.

The game takes place in a futuristic 3D world where you must smash obstacles to get through to the next world. Music helps guide the flow of the game because the levels are synced to it.

Smash Hit is all about reflexes. It will hold your attention when you’ve got time to waste.

Smash Hit is available on Android and iOS.


Source: play.google.com

You own land that produces resources, and you can use these resources to defend what’s yours.

This turn-based strategy game requires you to manage both your offense and defense. Your people can starve to death if you aren’t careful with your plan of action.

Maps are randomly generated to keep each playthrough fresh. Antiyoy lets you group with up to seven friends on iOS or ten friends on Android.

Antiyoy is available on Android and iOS

Desert Golfing

Source: play.google.com

Desert Golfing is the definition of mindless fun.

You simply touch the screen to hit the ball and attempt to get it to the goal. It’s a highly minimalistic game with no music, few options, and not much else beyond the clubs, the balls, and the sand.

Sometimes you might get an option to challenge someone else. Occasionally an obstacle will appear.

There are thousands of levels, few surprises, and a lot of zen golfing right from your mobile device.

Desert Golfing is available on Android and iOS.


Source: play.google.com

Puzzle games can help distract you from busy environments when you need a mental break. And, if you like number games, 2048 might be perfect for you.

2048 is a tile sliding game where you join numbers to get increasingly large numbers until you hit 2048. (Though, the game can continue once you’ve achieved that goal.)

As simple as the game sounds, it is far too addictive. There are different board sizes and shapes to you can try. 

2048 is available on Android and iOS.

Mini Metro

Source: play.google.com

Mini Metro is a subway simulator where you route lines between different stations.

When new stations open, it can change the entire trajectory of the metro and make it less efficient. You must keep redesigning and redeploying your resources to keep the trains running on time.

The game includes maps in 20 real-world cities. There are different modes, including extreme, endless, and normal—each of which will affect your scoring differently.

Try endless mode if you just want to have some mindless fun.

Mini Metro is available on Android and iOS.

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