Claude 3: an AI more efficient than ChatGPT and Gemini?

Anthropic, the startup founded by former OpenAI employees, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system named Claude 3, which appears to rival the best models on the market, including ChatGPT-4 and Gemini 1.0.

Anthropic unveils Claude 3, an AI with impressive performance. According to its designers, this new AI performs better than ChatGPT-4 in many tests. Although it’s not always fair to directly compare different models, it’s clear that competition is intensifying.

It took less than a year from the launch of the first version for Anthropic to present its most successful model yet: Claude 3 is now competing with well-established names like OpenAI and Google.

The company has introduced three distinct models in its new generation, Claude 3: Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus, each offering different levels of performance, ranging from least to most powerful.

Is Claude 3 a faster and more powerful LLM than GPT-4?
Anthropic claims that Claude 3 Opus outperforms ChatGPT-4 in terms of speed and power. As a reminder, ChatGPT is a series of Language Models (LLMs) designed by OpenAI.

“Opus, our most intelligent model, outperforms its peers on most common AI system evaluation criteria, including expert undergraduate knowledge (MMLU), higher-level expert reasoning (GPQA), basic mathematics (GSM8K), and much more,” says Anthropic.

Claude 3 excels in detecting subtleties. Its ability to understand and interpret information goes beyond simple analysis. Its true talent lies in its ability to anticipate and react ingeniously.

A concrete case illustrates its remarkable aptitude: Faced with the task of identifying an inappropriate sentence within a set of texts, Claude 3 not only identified the anomaly brilliantly but also questioned the hidden motives behind the exercise. This experience highlights a level of intelligence and flexibility rarely seen before.

Is the artificial intelligence landscape about to be shaken up?
For the moment, ChatGPT and Gemini remain far ahead, even though Claude 3 represents a significant advancement in the development of artificial intelligence.

Indeed, access to Claude 3 is still restricted in Europe. To use its features, users are required to use a VPN. This limitation is a barrier to its use, but it is hoped that this will not be a permanent situation.

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