Effortlessly Reactivate Your Google Business Profile

Faced with the complexity of Google Business Profile suspensions, Google is deploying a new appeal procedure in the European Union for greater clarity and efficiency—a beneficial change for local businesses.

What to remember:

  • Google increases transparency by providing information on the reasons for suspending Google Business Profiles.
  • A new appeal tool centralizes and simplifies the dispute process.
  • Official documents are required to prove the legitimacy of the company when appealing.
  • The update does not modify the existing rules but clarifies their application.

Transparency and simplification of the appeal process

The new appeals process for Google Business Profile (GBP) suspensions introduced by Google represents a significant step forward for business owners. Until now, the process of reinstating a suspended profile was often perceived as opaque and confusing, leaving traders in uncertainty about the specific reasons for their profile suspension.

With the new method rolling out first in the European Union (for once!), Google is committed to providing business owners with a general indication of the reason for the suspension, which should go a long way in rectifying issues and complying with Google guidelines.

How do you know if your GBP has been suspended?

Identifying a suspended Google Business Profile is now a straightforward process. When a suspension is applied, the business owner receives a notification in their Business Profile indicating that their profile is suspended or deactivated.

An email from Google is also sent to the account owner, detailing the type of violation that resulted in the suspension, such as content and deceptive behavior. This email also contains a link to the specific suspension policy violated, providing the owner with the opportunity to understand precisely what needs to be corrected. Before making the call, you must first rectify the profile according to Google guidelines. Once the corrections have been made, the owner can use the call button provided in the email to access the call tool and begin the process of reinstating their business profile.

Preparing and submitting the appeal

Preparing for the appeal requires special attention. Google requires businesses to provide official documents such as business registration, business license, tax certificate, and a utility bill, all of which must match the GBP profile information. These documents are essential to demonstrate the legitimacy of the company and are a sine qua non condition for the success of the appeal procedure.

The new call interface guides businesses through the process, allowing them to submit these documents and explain why their profile should be reinstated. Please note, owners only have 60 minutes to add the documents to their appeal procedure. Once the appeal is submitted, the request will be approved or not approved. If approved, the profile will be reinstated within 24 hours.

Tips to Maximize Chances of Recovery

It is necessary to provide complete and accurate evidence to maximize the chances of profile recovery. It is recommended that you gather all necessary documents before beginning the appeal process and ensure that the information matches exactly with that in the GBP profile. If there is any doubt or uncertainty about the process or the evidence to be provided, it is advisable to seek assistance from a product expert.

Potential impact on local businesses

The suspension of a Google Business Profile can seriously affect a local business’s ability to be found online. This update to the appeals process is, therefore, of critical importance, as it can potentially reduce business disruption caused by a suspension. The promise of a global expansion of this procedure offers hope to businesses outside the EU that may face suspensions in the future.

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