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Since the arrival of ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other chatbots based on artificial intelligence, AI tools have continued to multiply. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. It must be said that these tools are very practical because they allow us to carry out many tasks which previously were often tedious or boring. In this sense, we wanted to introduce you to NextGenTool, a website that lists hundreds of tools based on artificial intelligence, covering a wide range of fields.

NextGenTool, a vast library of AI tools accessible in one click

NextGenTool presents itself as a search engine dedicated to AI tools, offering a modern and intuitive interface. A simple keyword in the search bar, and a universe of AI tools opens up, ready for your various projects.

NextGenTool: a library of tools based on artificial intelligence (AI). All AI tools on the platform are categorized with a filter system, making exploration and discovery easier. You will find AI for 3D creation, web writing, fashion, finance, image generation (like Midjourney), logos, videos, music, productivity, real estate, and optimization of SEO.

Each entry in NextGenTool’s database offers a concise but informative description of the tool, a visual illustration of its capabilities, and a direct link to its official website. In addition, a clear indicator indicates whether the tool is free or paid, helping you to make an informed choice based on your needs and your budget.

Finally, note that if you know of an AI tool that would deserve to be included on the platform, you can suggest it via a form available on the site. Your tool will then be reviewed within 7 days and added to the library if approved.

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What you must remember

In short, NextGenTool appears to be a pivotal platform for those who wish to navigate with ease in the abundant world of AI tools and websites. With its meticulously curated directory, it facilitates access to the best AI platforms available on the web.

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