Tips To Make Your Website Appear In Google Discover Quickly (2024)

Discovering how to get your website featured on Google Discover can be a game-changer for your online presence. Following a few simple tips can increase your chances of getting your content in front of a wider audience. This article will explore some actionable strategies to help your website appear in Google Discover quickly and effectively.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a personalized content recommendation feature of the Google search engine that shows users a feed of articles, videos, and other types of content that Google’s algorithms predict will interest them. It is available on the Google app and mobile devices, and it provides a way for users to discover new information and explore topics related to their interests. Google Discover uses various signals, such as the user’s search history, browsing behavior, and location, to suggest relevant and timely content. It was previously known as Google Feed.

Tips To Make Your Website Appear In Google Discover Quickly

This week, I purposely committed a significant “SEO sin” that resulted in an additional 5k visitors per day from Google Discover. My site recently regained Google Discover’s favor after the latest Google Core Update, providing me with a golden opportunity.💡

While my site was not included in Google Discover last year, I continued to publish articles hoping to make it into Discover, but none of them did. I had a lot of published articles collecting dust that received zero search traffic because they were intended for Google Discover traffic.

I formulated a theory that Google Discover likes to display content similar to what people have engaged with in the past and range they have not seen before, and this begins at the URL level.

I planned to find a published article on my site similar to the recent Discover successes and change its URL 😱. In addition, I used GPT-4 to create a more captivating title tag and a more engaging introduction while I was there.

The outcome was that the next day, Google began showing my “new” article in Discover, and it has been receiving a consistent 5k clicks/day for the past few days. Furthermore, organic traffic has increased from 0 clicks/day to over 50. I don’t expect this to last long, as it appears for more general terms.

There was one more critical thing I did that I neglected to mention: I modified the published date to the current date. I only changed the following elements in an existing article to get my article into Google Discover.

  1. URL
  2. Title + H1
  3. Introduction paragraph
  4. Publish date


In conclusion, featuring your website on Google Discover can significantly increase your online visibility and reach. By optimizing your content for Google’s algorithms, you can increase the chances of appearing in users’ feeds and attract new visitors to your site. Some essential tips include creating high-quality, engaging content, using descriptive titles and meta descriptions, and leveraging structured data to provide more context to Google about your content. With these strategies in mind, you can improve your website’s chances of appearing in Google Discover and connect with a broader audience.

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